Fearfully Female and Wonderfully Woman! Psalm 139 verse14

Because a well traveled life requires more than an overnight bag!

Fearfully Female and Wonderfully Woman

Welcome to all you Fearfully, Wonderfully women on the journey to becoming all that God created you to be!

    For the Christian female the journey of womanhood and that of moving from little girl to fully fearfully wonderfully woman occurs while living in a world that is not our home and within a culture that does not reflect the norms and values of Christian teaching and principles.

  While on this journey , each of us must determine for ourselves which norms and values we will carry with us and which we will choose to leave behind. As ambassadors for Christ's kingdom  we must carefully balance living here in this present culture while reflecting the norms and values of our permanent and eternal home.

So... What's a girl to do? How do we choose which cultural messages about what it means to be a woman we will accept and carry with us and which we will leave behind? And...how do we eliminate all the excess baggage that weighs us down?

Where in the world did we pick up all this stuff in the first place?

Come along and share this journey with us. Become a member of the Encouragement Entourage as together we plan our trip, gather our luggage, pack our suitcases ( because a well traveled life requires more than an overnight bag) and set out to discover who we really are in Christ Jesus.

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"He knoweth the way that I take"- Job 23:10

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